Friday, December 10, 2010

Love Story ♥

sedang aku sibuk melayan laman sesawang facebook. aku jumpa ini di news feed.
*click3 dan baca3!
rasa macam nak nangis pon ada ;'(


not every love story has the happy ending.
so, dont give up on love.
even its hard to swallow.
u will find ur romeo/juliet 1 day.
even it takes tyme.
and NEVER EVER take shortcuts!! >:(
*ni yang nak marah nie!

after the long wait, u will find..
someone that will be by ur side no matter what.
someone who could not spend a minute of the day without talking to u.
someone who u can share everything with.
someone who can accepts u as u are.
someone who can makes u feel relaxed and at ease with each other.
and many more!! :D
isnt it worth to wait for?
so, keep on waiting. :)

p/s; i wish falling in love has traffic lights that i would know if i should go for it,slow down, or just stop. ;(
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Fiq Valdo said...

pls la dun judged dis person..!!! all of u guys r buch of loser for not knowing what is true love n how does it feel..!!! did u guys really give a damm when u read all dis???? no..!! unlike me, i cried so fuckin hard rite now bcoz i feel what he feels... im very similar.. poor him.. p/s = my previous ex gf did kill herself 4 loving me so much... im so fuckin sad rite now...

farzana ariffin said...

i'm not judged him ;(