Saturday, December 4, 2010


sedang tangan aku gatal mengklik sana dan sini di laman sesawang facebook.
wanna know what i found? i found this.

the picture caption is, "can i become you..human.."
its really touched me :')

its taken by Anas Azrai.
and he's only 16teen years old!
his very telented. :)
dont u think?
gud luck anas.
i really love ur work.

if u guys pon suka pic nie jugak.korang boleh tolong like picture nie di
korang search di facebook.
like the page.
and this is the link for the picture,!/photo.php?fbid=467986594811&set=a.457738529811.260446.128032339811&pid=5415915&id=128032339811
and click like.
help him to win this contest
thank you :)

\(^▽^*)Kalau SUKA sila lah LIKE!(*^▽^)/

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